Thyroid Surgery

Annual Academic Sessions Presentation

Annual Academic Sessions Presentation

Here I discuss about the current management guidelines from British Thyroid Association and American Thyroid Association comparing those with the current practice in Sri Lanka

Surgical Management of Benign Thyroid Disease Lecture

Ruhunu Clinical Society Presentation

Here I present current benign thyroid management principles. This is the lecture I delivered at Ruhunu Clinical Society - Annual Academic Sessions - Symposium on Benign Thyroid Diseases.

Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve and Thyroidectomy Lecture

Kothalawala Defence Academy Presentation

Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve is closely related to the thyroid gland and therefore at risk during thyroid surgery. In this presentation I discuss some important aspects of the recurrent nerve in relation to the thyroid surgery.

Thyroidectomy Patient Preparation video in Sinhala